Do the right thing

At this point with all the muckery that’s going on.. if you don’t fit in, you’re probably doing the right thing.
You are an intrinsic piece of the divine cosmic puzzle.
Rest assured, you were not created by accident, nor happenstance, no matter how much it may feel so at times.
This world, this UNIVERSE could not be as it is, without YOU.
This is how important you are to the entirety of creation.
You are a most sacred projection and aspect of the universal creator, set into motion and birthed to carry out a purpose which will change all of reality.
And no one else can do what you can do. No one else can be who you are. You were created for this very reason.
You have a very unique set of skills, a particular gift that no other Being in the universe has.
Your purpose is to discover, or REMEMBER this gift, then to put it into action. In doing so, God is working THROUGH you.
Become quiet enough. Pray, both outward into the cosmos, as well as deep into your own heart – The place where the door to source is waiting patiently to open and guide you.

Siriphong kruphanpakit


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