Love is not of the mind

Love is not of the mind, it is not in the net of thought, it cannot be sought out, cultivated, cherished; it is there when the minds is silent and the heart is empty of the things of the mind.

Siriphong Kruphanpakit

Life is like riding a bicycle

Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance….you have to keep moving.
A seed neither fears light nor darkness….but uses both to gtow.

Sitiphong Kruphanpakit

When you learn to love

The heart is the inner face of your life.
When you learn to love and let yourself be loved, you come home to the heart of your own spirit.

Siriphong Kruphanpakit

Not fear darkness

You need not fear darkness when the light is shining everywhere.
Happiness is an inside joy.
When we give cherefully and accept gratefuly, everyone is blessed.

Siriphong Kruphanpakit

It’s not time passes

It’s not time passes.
Time remains the same.
Rather, we go on passing.Every day I awaken I am grateful.
My intent is to be totally present in that day.
And laugh as much as possible.

Siriphong Kruphanpakit